Nutwell South – – Consultation Summary

          A consultation event was held from 2-7pm on Wednesday 5th March 2014 to promote the site known as Nutwell South (to the south of the village, off Nutwell Lane), and highlight the choice that exists for the people of Armthorpe as part of the Parish Council's Neighbourhood Plan.

          The event was advertised with signs throughout the village, word of mouth, social media, leaflet dropping and signage promoting the website which contained details of the event. On the day, trailers were driven around the village promoting the event. The event was very well attended with c. 140 attendees visiting to see the plans and pass comment.

          The attendees were asked whether they supported a bypass. The majority of those who left comments did (37 of 51 comments – 72.5%). There were a number who supported the principle of development to the south of the village, and the below summarises the key messages from those in support and also those who did not support the proposals:

·    The bypass will help alleviate some congestion in the village, however the FARRRS relief road will also assist and mean a lot of people travelling from Rossington will no longer need to travel through the village to Junction 4 of the M18.

·    The bypass was the common theme of support for the site

·    Most villagers were not aware that a choice existed for potential allocations in the village

·    A number of villagers were confused by the conflict of the outdated Neighbourhood Plan flood map to the up to date version on show at the consultation event.

·    People felt that the development of 700-800 units to the south of the village was too much

·    Numerous views were expressed to spread the impact of development on the village to both north and south

·    Some thought that the existing infrastructure to the north of the village meant development should be weighted in that direction.

·    Concerns in relation to settlement coalescence with Old Cantley

          Early views expressed showed a lack of support for all development to the south of the village (Site A and B on the accommodation schedule plan on show at the event). As such, discussion on the split of housing between the north and south of the village (500 to the north with a significant green bund, and 300 units to the south, with the completion of the relief road) generated a far more positive response, from those who resided at either end of the village.

          In conclusion, the promoters of Nutwell South will be taking on board the overriding consensus of opinion from the consultation event and will focus plans for development on the eastern side of Nutwell Lane, allowing the completion of the relief road up through the Ikea business park. This will provide a credible option for the Neighbourhood Plan to deliver the housing numbers for the village over the period of the Local Plan.

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