Archaeology is a key factor for development in Doncaster, due to the Roman ancestry. In fact it can be one of the major unknowns, since all development sites will need to undertake on site surveys and trenching to ascertain what is beneath the ground.

          It is no exaggeration to say that Armthorpe is littered with items of historical interest, with Nutwell South being no different. On site surveys have been undertaken and this shows areas of interest which cannot be developed – see constraints plan. As such the masterplan takes into account these areas and ensures they would remain development free, as areas of public open space.

          Other sites have not been so lucky, with the site where the Ikea distribution unit stands requiring a full archaeological dig, which would render most developments unviable due to the enormous cost had it not been for government funding of the project back in the 1990s.

Archaeology Summary

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