Masterplans have been produced for the site, which show residential led mixed use development. These are indicative and show a number of options, including development on part of the site for 350 houses on the land to the east of Nutwell Lane. 780 houses can be developed across the whole of the site if it was thought this site was the most appropriate for the entire village's identified housing need.

          The plans are being promoted by a local land owner and resident rather than a developer and aim to show extensive green space, allotments, replanting of ancient woodland, and seek to minimise the impact on adjacent properties and the wider village.

          The attached masterplans are in principle at this stage and simply demonstrate what is possible. It is for the people of Armthorpe through the Neighbourhood Plan to identify the number of houses that should be developed on any one site. 

Accommodation schedule.

Constraints plan.

Site Feasibilty.

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