Flood Risk

          Armthorpe does not have a history of flooding, and this was evidenced by the initial flood maps which were produced by the Environment Agency (EA) stating that virtually all the village was Flood Zone 1 – the lowest risk of flooding. This changed in late 2012 following an update study which the EA undertook, which re-classified the area to the south of the village as an area of high risk of flooding.

          Some of the principles that underpinned this study were flawed, and a challenge was made to the Environment Agency - see link below. This was confirmed as being successful and the EA's flood map should be updated on line in May 2014. In the meantime, the EA now consider that the flood risk is as per the below link, rather than the now out of date information on their website.

Changes to Flood Zone 2

Changes to Flood Zone 3

Email confirming Flood Zone changes

Historic Indicative Flood Zone Maps

Letter from JBA March 2013.

Letter from JBA October 2013.

Topographical survey December 2013.

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