The Armthorpe Village Masterplan of June 2010 states that highways is one of the key concerns for local residents. As such the proposal for a bypass will alleviate much of the through traffic which uses the village to access either the M18 or as a rat run to the town centre.

          Highways surveys conducted show that 30% of traffic on Church Street, Hatfield Lane and Nutwell Lane is through traffic (i.e., doesn't stop off at a house or place of work). It is expected that a relief road would divert 40% of this traffic during the AM peak hour, and 54% of the traffic during the PM peak hour. Furthermore, a full Transport Assessment has been undertaken showing that development to the south of the village will have no significant adverse effects so long as the relief road is introduced.

          The road is deliverable. It has been assessed by a cost consultant, and the full cost of delivery will be picked up by the developer.

Proposed Bypass Route.

West Moor Park and Nutwell South Bypass sections.

Bypass cost.

Initial Bypass Benefits.

Transport Assessment Summary.

West Moor Park Extension legal agreement for Bypass.

Letter from Gazeley UK regarding Bypass.

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